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14 Best Selling NFT Artists We Should Know About

Before you start reading about the best selling NFT artists, please check this out: 

Yes, GalacticApes made a whopping 100% profit within 24 hours. 

Inspiring right? 

Actually this is nothing, many NFT artists are making more than this. To know more about them, just go through this list: 

  1. CryptoPunks

Cryptopunks is a project by Larva Labs. In 2017, it appeared as one of the earliest NFTs on the Ethereum Blockchain. 

Behind this NFT collection, there are 2 Canadian software developers – John Watkinson and Matt Hall. 

They made an algorithm to generate 24 X 24 pixel art images like these: 

Their largest sale has been CryptoPunk 3100, which was sold for $7.58 million. 

And guess what? Let alone the millions, last year they generated over 534K ETH (~ $1.81+ billion).  

  1. Art Blocks Curated

The idea behind Art Blocks Curated is generative design. It’s like making 10 unique versions of the same graphics. 

For instance, look at these 3 lines: 

They all are made from the 1st design or vice versa. 

Art Blocks Curated was founded by Erick Calderon. Even though this entrepreneur couldn’t draw, he had a desire to be an artist. 

So he started his journey in 2018. Unfortunately, his whole project was floundered in the 1st attempt. 

But later in November 2020, he hired consultants and developers to make it work. 

After a year in 2021, Eric built a corporation and hired a full-time staff. 

After going through the grind, these designs made him 214K ETH last year (~ $740 million). 

  1. Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC) 

Bored Ape Yacht Club was founded by 4 friends: 

  1. Gargamel 
  2. Gordon Goner 
  3. Emperor Tomato Ketchup 
  4. No Sass

It’s true that their name is not real but their work is. After all, their story went viral because they made $2.8 million within 24 hours. 

The main difference between other NFT collections and BAYC is the feeling of hood. 

Once you buy an ape, you become a member of the bored apes. More importantly, you get members-only benefits like having an access to: 

  • Bathroom 
  • Collaborative Graffiti 
  • Roadmap activation to unlock future maps 

These 4 ape-friendly friends made 178.8K ETH last year (~ $618+ million).

  1. Hashmasks 

Hashmasks was developed by Suum Cuique Labs around 2019. With over 70+ artists, this project holds 16.3K unique digital portraits like these: 

This project claims to be one of the biggest collaborative NFT projects. 

When you buy a Hashmask, its smart contract gives you a chance to choose a unique name for it. 

This name stays on its blockchain forever. And guess what? This makes you one of the earliest founders of the creation. 

Last year, Hashmasks generated over 37.5K ETH (~ $129 million). 

  1. DotDotDots 

DotDotDots appeared in the NFT industry on 31st August 2021. 

The team behind this project is representing decimals in strange characters or bugs. 

In fact, they say there’s no natural way to see these cultish creatures. But ironically, we all can understand these real quick, right? 

Within 2 months, their mysterious story brought them 5.9K ETH (~ $20.4+ million). 

Not a bad inspiration for those who’re just getting into NFT. This shows there’s still a lot of opportunities to seize. 

  1. Animetas

Animetas is a virtual world where humans and other species exist on an Ethereum blockchain. 

All these NFT characters are inspired by 80s and 90s pop culture. Besides, these refer to those humans who’re no longer habitable on earth. 

It’s amazing how these designs represent the future and past in one go.

This whole collection of 10.1K unique NFTs was developed by Gustavo Viselner and cyberh49. 

Since July 30 2021 to present, they’ve printed 9.03K ETH in total revenue (~ $31.2 million). 

  1. VeeFriends 

As the name suggests, VeeFriends is a Gary Vaynerchuck NFT project. In case you don’t know who Gary Vee is, watch this video. 

Gary Vee intends to make this NFT collection meaningful and intellectual. 

And using these NFTs, he is trying to make an effective, ambitious, and passionate community. 

Once you buy any of these, you become a part of VeeFriends. Additionally, you get access to VeeCon for more NFT-related advice. 

When it comes to motivation, Gary Vee never disappoints. 

He started on May 13 2021 and ended up making 27.2K ETH (~ $94+ million) 

Gary Vee is already well-known, so his success in the NFT industry is obvious. 

But yes, he taught us the art of integrating our day-to-day life with NFT. 

  1. CyberKongz

In March 2021, CyberKongz began its journey with 1000 randomly generated NFT kongs. 

Myoo, an artist of CyberKongz, made some weird, cool, and average-looking ape avatars. 

These gorilla NFTs have been highly suitable for social media profile pictures. And most probably, that’s how Myoo gained popularity. 

After a few months, the idea grew exponentially and this became a community-based project. 

So far CyberKongz has made around 25.13K ETH (~ $86.5 million) 

  1. The Doge Pound 

The Doge Pound consists of 10K unique NFTs that are lying on Ethereum blockchain. 

Just like BAYC, the Doge Pound is also made by 4 friends: 

These Doge Pound NFTs have grabbed attention because they’ve a detailed and thoughtful design. 

On top of this, every OG Doge holder can mint a puppy with a random trait. So it’s like a 1:1 ratio. The more you have, the more you can make. 

Since July 2021, the Doge Pound has been able to generate 16.7K ETH (~ $57 million). 

  1. Official Wrapped MoonCats

Official Wrapped MoonCats is a MoonCat rescue project that started 4 years ago. 

Best marketers know stories sell well, so does Ponderware. 

The developers of this project say 4 billion cats are suffering on the moon. To save them, we need to put them on the blockchain. 

But in the acclimated collection, they’re showing cats that already adapted the blockchain. 

With a little acclimation twist, the team earned over 12.2K ETH ($42.1 million) more for the MoonCats rescue project. 

  1. Incognito 

Incognito is developed by a team of 12 members. To make this NFT-based project successful, the team struggled for 3 months doing: 

  • Brainstorming 
  • Planning 
  • Prototypes 
  • Rendering 

All of this hardwork led to pleasing and perfect designs. Along with this, 4 more collections are coming in the upcoming months. 

If we sum up all sales, the total revenue Incognito made is 5.1K ETH (~ $17.6 million). 

  1. MekaVerse

Matt and Mattey from Europe are the founders of MekaVerse. 

The artists plan to design a total of 8,888 Mekas. Each Meka is one of its kind and has a unique color palette. 

The designed Mekas are inspired by the Japan Mecha Universe.

Matt and Mattey have categorised the MekaVerse into 4 parts:

  • Originals Meka
  • Mirage
  • F9 
  • Gadians

Apart from Meka creation, the founders have also been working on integrating 3D printing with NFTs, Mech shops etc.

If we look at the trade volume of Mekas – it’s about 25K ETH (~$86 Million).

  1. Cool Cats NFT

Cool Cats NFT is the creation of 4 nerds:

  • Clon – The Cartoonist
  • Tom – The tech guy
  • Lynq – Dev ninja
  • ELU – Creative director

Cool cats are a bunch of programmatically and randomly generated NFTs on Ethereum blockchain.

The  1st Gen of Cool Cats was launched on 1st July 2021 with 10,000 cats from over 300k total options.

The platform is now planning on launching Gen 2 where every cool cat holder can breed cats.

The volume traded for Cool Cats NFT stands at 48K ETH (~ $165 Million).

  1. Sneaky Vampire Syndicate

When the elite team of 6 put their heads together, Vampires came to life!

There are a total of 8,888 unique vampires living eternally on blockchain.

These are ERC-21 tokens that are stored on Ethereum blockchain.

Currently, all the vampires are sold out and each vampire holds a value of 0.08 ETH (~ $277).

The volume traded on Sneaky Vampire Syndicate till now sums up to 17K ETH (~ $58 Million).

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