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5 Best NFT Games You Can Play to Make Money

Platforms are raising around 60 million for NFT games. And if companies are investing this big in NFT games, it means people are already making money from it.

To explore how, take a look at these 5 best NFT games that you can play to make real money. 

1. Axie Infinity – Battle, Collect, Earn

Axie Infinity is one of the most popular NFT games. It’s developed by a Vietnamese studio called Sky Mavis. 

The game leverages Ethereum-based cryptocurrency AXS (Axie Infinity Shards) and SLP (Smooth Love Potion) for all the in-game trades and purchases. 

Till June 2021, Axie Infinity had the most expensive NFT collections of about $42 million in sales.

best NFT games you can play to make money

The game features Axies – fierce creatures that love to battle, build, and go on treasure hunts.

From collecting lands to winning battles – you can do a lot here to earn a collection of your own. 

In case you want to pave your way to the top, the Axie Battle gives you a chance to do it. 

Other than these, the 3 major things of this game are: 

  1. Adventure: Win against Chimera and get treasure to upgrade your axie army
  1. Arena Battle: Win PvP arena battles and get real money
  1. Breeding: Mix and match parents to create breed powerful axies so that you can leverage them for either fighting or earning 

Even though there’s a lot more to the game, let’s see how Axie Infinity can help us make real money. 

2 Ways to Earn with Axie Infinity

1. Play-to-Earn 

Playing the game and winning is the easiest way to earn. When you win a battle or complete a quest, you get Smooth Love Potions ($SLP). 

1 $SLP is approximately trading at $0.26.

You can earn $SLP in 3 game modes:

  • Quests: Complete daily quests and earn 50 $SLP
  • Adventure mode: Beat down computer-controlled monsters and earn $SLP 
  • Arena mode: Play with other players and battle them out in the arena to win $SLP
  1. Breed Axies & Earn

Although breeding axies is a time consuming task, it’s profitable. 

After all, you can sell, lend, and create Axie Scholarship teams which could be rented to other players. 

You get the percentage cut of the $SLP from the player who rents your team.

2. Gods Unchained – The Trading Card Game

Gods Unchained is a free game that came in 2018. 

Ex-Google and Riot Games engineers together developed this NFT trading card game.

gods unchained to make money from NFT games

So far around $7 Million worth of cards have been traded on Gods Unchained. 

It’s an easy to play game where you need to: 

  • Collect powerful cards
  • Build your deck
  • Sell cards and earn

In this game, you can’t just top the leaderboard with luck because it’s based on strategy. 

You have to thrash your opponent by building an epic deck!

When it comes to earning, the platform is trustworthy. In fact, here’s what gamers say about it: 

 NFT gaming

How to Earn Money from Gods Unchained? 

Primarily, you can sell cards to make money from Gods Unchained. 

Earlier these cards were traded on this game’s official site. But now, you’ve to sell or buy your cards on Immutable X

You can buy a card for as low as 0.00015 Ethereum (46 cents) and sell a card at any price you want – there’s no upper limit.

It has a card called Hyperion which is worth 137.8 Ethereum (~$60,000). 

Believe it or not, this makes it the most expensive card in the NFT gaming market.

Here’s what it looks like:

So in total, you get up to 140 cards that you can sell to make money. 

One other way you can earn via Gods Unchained is by referring. 

If your friends ever use your referral link to join the game, you can earn when they purchase cards with ETH.

In the first 10 days, if your friends spend ETH, you also get 10% of the amount spent by them.

3. Splinterlands – Collect, Trade, Battle 

Splinterlands was originally launched as Steem Monsters on the Steem Blockchain.

In Sept 2018, Matthew Rosen founded Splinterlands. After a while, it’s legal name changed to Steem Monster.

Splinterlands NFT gaming

Like Gods Unchained, Splinterlands is a card game. It offers 280+ cards which can be bought, sold, or rented.

The cards can be combined and the character ability can be increased.

The game has 7 factions:

  1. Fire
  2. Earth
  3. Water
  4. Life
  5. Death
  6. Dragon
  7. Neutral

All the cards fall in one of the above categories. 

In Splinterlands, you can:

  • Combine cards and gain levels to become stronger
  • Convert the collected cards to crypto
  • Trade with anyone on the marketplace
  • Sell on multiple platforms
  • Rent cards to other players and earn

5 Ways to Earn with Splinterlands

  1. Win Battles to Get Dark Energy Crystals (DEC)

Dark Energy crystals are the primary source of earning via Splinterlands. 

When you win a ranked match, you get a DEC.

You can buy new cards or upgrade the existing ones using DEC. However, the reward you get depends on your:

  • Current rank
  • Opponent’s rank
  • Energy capture rate

You can withdraw the DEC as cash via some wallet like BSC (Binance Smart Chain).

  1. Sell NFT Cards on the Market

Any card you get or have on Slipinterland is an NFT. 

You can level up your cards because high level ones can be sold at a decent price. 

When you upgrade the NFT card to its maximum level, the card gains special abilities.

You can get these NFT cards by completing daily quests or loot.  

Along with high level cards, there are also rare ones that can give more money than any other. 

  1. Rent Out Your NFT Card & Earn

Renting out NFT cards is a great way to build a passive income.

When you play Splinterlands for a long-time, you get several character cards.

Even though you won’t get money for this rented card, you will be paid with DEC token on a daily basis. 

After that, you can exchange those DEC tokens for money.

  1. Join Tournaments & Win Big

After grinding enough Splinterlands, it’s time to join tournaments.

The earning potential with the daily Splinterlands tournaments is quite high. 

Depending on the game mode and rules, there are several tournaments to choose from.

The tournament has an entry fee set that has to be paid with the official currency of the game – DEC.

  1. Earn SPS Tokens In Game

In August 2021, Splinterlands launched Splintershards (SPS tokens) along with a staking platform.

Players who own DEC tokens, cards, or Land NFTs get SPS tokens daily for a few months. 

Here you can understand the process of earning via SPS tokens. 

4. The Sandbox – Play, Create, Own & Govern

The Sandbox is an old user-generated NFT game launched in 2011. Since its launch, about 40 Million players have downloaded the game. 

The Sandbox is a virtual world where gamers can build, play, and monetize their virtual experiences.

To earn money from this game, players build their own epic world and sell them. 

According to The Sandbox’s whitepaper – Over 100,000 words are created daily.

2 Ways to Earn with The Sandbox

  1. Create & Sell ASSETSs: Create ASSETs with VoxEdit and sell them on The Sandbox marketplace 
  1. Create Games & Publish on LANDs: Create games with the Game Maker Software and publish them on LAND – rent those LAND to other gamers and get recurring earnings

5. Alien Worlds – The Largest Decentralized Metaverse

Alien Worlds was founded by Sarojina McKenna and Michael Yeates.

According to DappRadar, Alien Worlds is one of the fastest growing NFT games in blockchain.

The game is all about going to distant worlds (called planets in-game) to mine and extract Trilium.

Trillium (TLM) is the official currency of the game, which is currently trading at $0.2935.

Here are some of the stats Alien Worlds have disclosed on their official website:

Alien Worlds game operate on 3 blockchains:

  1. Ethereum
  2. WAX
  3. Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

All the 3 are widely used in the crypto-world that makes the withdrawal of your winnings easy.

How to Earn with Alien Worlds

  1. Mine Trilium & Get Money

Mining Trilium is the primary source of earning in Alien Worlds.

According to CoinMarketCap, the Trilium value is finite. It’s set at 5 Billion with an inflation of 9% per year, 7.64% in the second year, and so on.

Let’s have a look at Mining earning potential:

  • The average time that players mine is 1 hour per day
  • A newbie player can complete 15 mining attempts in an hour
  • Each mining attempt can give you ~0.15 TLM
  • That means 0.15 X 15 = 2.25 TLM per hour – that’s 1 USD per hour

Although earning is low, it’s not completely based on luck.

  1. Sell Alien Worlds NFTs

When you mine Trilum, there’s a small chance of getting NFTs.

The chance of getting Trilium ranges from 0.5% to 20%. The land you mine on and the tools you use majorly affects the chances of getting Trilium.

You can sell Alien Worlds NFT cards on the AutomicHub Marketplace for WAX tokens.

When you make a successful sale, you get WAX tokens which can be exchanged to TLM with alcor.exchange.

You can then transfer your earned TLM to Binance account with Alien Worlds Teleport Protocol

  1. Buy A Land in Game

When you have a boat-load of cash to invest in NFT gaming, buying land would be a good option. 

The lands are loaded with Trilium and NFTs. Buying some part of it and hiring miners to mine these lands can make your investment profitable.

But being a beginner, it’s not ideal to do this because the price of land is too high. 

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