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6 Best Crypto Wallets for NFT

Whether you want to buy an NFT or sell it, a crypto wallet is something you must have. 

In the last 5 months, I’ve been trying to find an easy and not so expensive crypto wallet for myself. 

And the best part? I’ve found these 6 best crypto wallets for NFT. 

AlphaWallet – Best No-Nonsense NFT Wallet

AlphaWallet is a Singapore-based white-label digital wallet that was founded in 2017. 

Most NFT buyers find it as an easy and fast solution for buying tokens and leveraging the blockchain. 

is Alphawallet one of the best crypto wallets for NFT?

In the last 4 years, AlphaWallet has achieved so much including: 

  • Gives a rich token experience without any dApps or unnecessary steps
  • Stores and manage NFTs, game tokens, ENS, and ETH 
  • Available for Android, IOS, and Windows 
  • The app is beginner-friendly and doesn’t need a tech background  
  • The Backup key and recovery system also has biometric and pin support with Secure Enclave for maximum security 
  • An open-source app with full documentation support that doesn’t need any 3rd party dependency
  • A web3 browser to access your dApps and the decentralized web
Alphawallet app review

MetaMask Wallet – The Default Choice for Many Marketplaces

When it comes to buying an NFT artwork, almost everyone knows about MetaMask. 

With MetaMask, you have a key vault, token exchange, secure login, token wallet, and secure access to the decentralized web and the blockchain. 

Is MetaTask one of the best wallet for NFTs?

Just like AlphaWallet, MetaMask is also an Open Source platform that gives you free access to updates given by the community. 

Key Features of MetaTask

  • Use seed phrases to reset the account 
  • No need to buy crypto using any dApps because it already has a built-in coin purchasing 
  • Extremely simple interface with all basic things in their right places where expected 
  • EIP-1559 makes transaction fees more predictable and less random (good for avoiding overpaying gas fee)
  • Lets the user choose how much gas fees they want to pay based on the speed of a transaction 

As of now, there are 3 fees options: 

  1. High: Reduces the processing time significantly 
  2. Low:  Cheaper but slower transactions
  3. Medium: Best of both worlds 
MetaTask preview

When it comes to compatibility, it’s available as a browser extension for Google Chrome, Firefox, Brave, Edge, and as an app on IOS and Android. 

Trust Wallet – The Most Trusted & Secure NFT Wallet

Trust Wallet is a decentralized mobile crypto wallet owned by Binance. 

It supports more than 160,000 assets and was originally designed for ERC-20 and ERC-223 tokens. 

However, now you can hold other cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin and NFTs on Trust Wallet. 

TrustWallet secure NFT wallet

Key Features of Trust Wallet

  • Buying cryptocurrency with a card
  • Instant transfers without any unnecessary forms 
  • Web3 browser to access your favorite dApps without any need to leave your wallet
dApps review
  • Hold crypto assets in Trust Wallet to earn interest and profit 
  • Easy to navigate interface with all the accessible features
  • A great starter with no initial fees for buying and selling NFTs
  • Additional security measures like fingerprint scans and pins 
  • Never stores any user information and allows the users to store their private keys on their computers 
  • See all of your NFTs in one place and keep your crypto safe from scammers 
  • Available as an app for IOS and Android phones 

Math Wallet – Access to the Most Popular Blockchains

Math Wallet is a digital as well as a physical crypto wallet. It supports over 70+ popular public chains like Bitcoin, Polkadot, Solana, etc. 

It’s also one of the most popular hardware crypto wallets in the market. 

Math Wallet review

Key features of Math Wallet 

  • Stores, transfers, receives, and stakes cryptocurrency 
  • Powered by Math Swap (an instant and secure token exchange built into the wallet) 
  • dApps store to access thousands of decentralized apps 
Key features of Math Wallet for NFT
  • Get access to Math dApps Factory to work with developers to make a decentralized app
  • Allows Mining for any cryptocurrency based on the Proof of Stake model 
  • In-built news app called MathNews gives the latest news and price information of all the supported public chains
  • Available for Windows,  iOS and Android 

Enjin Wallet – Direct Marketplace Integration

The Enjin wallet is a crypto wallet for multiple cryptocurrencies like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Enjin Coin, and all types of NFTs. 

This smart crypto wallet has great security measures and a UI that adapts to suit your needs. 

Enjin wallet review

In case you use Enjin marketplace to trade NFTs, Enjin wallet is a no brainer because linking is not required. 

Key Features of Enjin 

  • The ability to create, import, or track infinite amounts of ETH, Bitcoin, or NFT wallets
  • Create 3 different types of wallets: savings, trading, and business for a multipurpose usage
  • Link your hardware wallets to see the balance and transaction history 
Key features of Enjin
  • Import your private key from MyEtherWallet 
  • Enjin provides a master phrase of 12 words that can be written on a paper restore wallet securely 
  • Its secure keyboard prevents any data from being stolen while using it 
  • Blocks users or scammers from taking a screenshot 
  • The UI is seamless and fast with 31 language options 

Note: The Enjin wallet is only available as an app on Android and IOS.

Coinbase Wallet – The Most Popular Choice

Coinbase is one of the biggest names amongst crypto wallets. 

The popular digital wallet is not just a great choice for NFTs but also good for other cryptocurrencies and trading. 

Coinbase wallet for NFT

Coinbase supports a wide range of cryptocurrencies and digital assets like NFTs, Ethereum, Bitcoin, etc.

Key Features of Coinbase

  • The storage for NFTs and collectibles is highly secure to operate as a dynamic NFT or cryptocurrency portfolio
  • There is a two-factor authentication system for identity verification 
  • AES-256 military-grade encryption keeps the information safe and away from all possible threats 
  • Covers user’s digital assets with insurance which reimburses them or their lost funds 
Key features of Coinbase
  • Supports decentralized apps that a user can access for exchanges, jobs, crypto apps, etc
  • Customizable to meet each user’s goals with a highly capable API 
  • Stores different cryptocurrencies in a single wallet 
  • Buying and withdrawal limits are fairly high for major transactions and supports traditional Fiat currencies like USD and Euros 
  • Available for Web, Android, and iOS 

Which One of these is the Best Crypto Wallet for NFT?

Although all these Crypto wallets are great, we recommend MetaTask for NFT trading because we can: 

  • Easily sign up and set up the wallet within 5 minutes 
  • Smoothly integrate without getting into a lot of technicalities 
  • Buy an NFT with a credit card 
  • Sell without paying a hefty gas fee
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