Welcome to the World of NFTs. Presented by Fabrik Media.


Fabrik NFT Labs

Fabrik Labs is riding the new NFT wave and we invite you to come along. We believe that NFTs present an unprecedented opportunity for creatives to gain success and recognition across all domains and disciplines. At Fabrik NFT Labs, we take an aggressively proactive approach. As a long-time player in the international art world, with roots in art publishing and representing artists in the conventional art market, Fabrik NFT Labs is focused on equipping creators with the tools they need to leverage the new digital marketplace, empowering them to attain new levels of economic prosperity.

Fabrik NFT Labs is directed by founder Chris Davies, an LA based serial entrepreneur with a background in music, graphic design, art, marketing and technology.

A new initiative, the Fabrik NFT Labs is an offshoot of the Los Angeles based media company, Fabrik Media. Fabrik’s entities include Fabrik Magazine—a visual art publication; Fabrik Press—publisher of fine art books, Photo Independent, Fabrik Expo and ArtVirtualy.com—a state of the art interactive virtual gallery platform.

This group of art world entities, all under the Fabrik umbrella, has an impressive track record of working with artists, galleries and art fairs in traditional settings as well as the constantly evolving new digital frontier. We hope you’ll join us.