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Artists Who Are Using NFTS in an Interesting Way

Artists Who Are Using NFTS in an Interesting Way

NFT artwork: Artists Who Are Using NFTS in an Interesting Way

A growing number of artists are creating NFT artwork that’s worth millions of dollars. Here’s is a list of some of the artists making the most of the NFT wave.

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No one is really sure who the original creator of cryptocurrency is.

The creator uses the fake name of Satoshi Nakamoto. We aren’t sure why someone wouldn’t want to claim their crypto creation, especially after seeing how the crypto world has evolved.

Humans have created cryptocurrencies based on viral memes (Dogecoin), and now humans are creating and selling non-fungible tokens (NFTs). In fact, some artists continue to push the envelope when it comes to NFT artwork.

We’ll show you some of our favorite innovative artists below. Who knew NFT artwork could make you a multi-millionaire?


Even if you’ve only glanced at articles about NFT and art, you’ve seen the name ‘Beeple’.

Mike Winkelmann, known online as Beeple, struggled for years to make substantial money from his art. He finally made the jump to listing NFTs, and one of his NFT pieces recently sold for $69 million. Talk about hard work paying off!

Not to mention, the $69 million piece titled, Everydays: The First 5000 Days, was sold through Christie’s. This auction house and platform has sold some of the world’s most famous paintings, including a painting by Leonardo da Vinci himself.

And what did the buyer get for millions of dollars? They got ownership of a digital file.


Claire Elise Boucher, better known as Grimes, has been spotted all over social media in the last few years.

She’s an experimental artist who’s known for her daring approach to sound and music. And for marrying Elon Musk. We still aren’t sure how to pronounce her child’s name, but that isn’t important right now.

One of her biggest sales was a unique video titled, “Death of the Old”. It sold for $389,000, and the video featured an original song and fever dream-like video with cherubs, swords, and bright lights.

On a positive note, Grimes donated part of the profits to Carbon180 to offset the carbon emissions created by using blockchain technology.

Trevor Jones

This classically trained painter is now a millionaire thanks to NFTs. He’s also working on an art collaboration with Ice Cube. It seems random, but we guess the internet stars aligned for Trevor Jones.

Jones attended art school in his thirties and developed a liking for oil paint. He even had in-person shows in galleries but never seemed to have enough money for all of the bills.

Through his art and growing social media following, Trevor Jones attracted the attention of David Moore, the CEO of KnownOrigin (a digital marketplace). Moore amazed Jones by filling him in on the magic of the NFT world.

One connection lead to another and now Jones is an NFT superstar.

He understands that the NFT world can be difficult for new artists because of the buzz created around emerging and established artists. Jones now uses platforms such as Twitter to offer advice to other artists wanting to make it big.


Do you remember Christie’s that we mentioned earlier? The legendary auction house? FEWOCiOUS caused their internet store to crash at one point due to eager buyers, and this has never happened in the past.

Victor Langlois, known online as FEWOCiOUS, is an openly queer artist breaking records online with his NFT art. He’s earned around $18 million through art. His most popular collection, “Hello, i’m Victor (FEWOCiOUS) and This Is My Life.”, documented his gender transition and captured the attention of people all around the globe.

His childhood was dark and restrictive, and he had to hide his artistic creations. When he was finally allowed to have a phone, he discovered the world of digital artists.

When he turned 18, he escaped from his grandparent’s home. He now lives alone while making art and trying new things to nurture his inner child.

Jaiden Stipp

Much of the world watched Justin Bieber in amazement when he started his career at such a young age. Jaiden Stipp is being watched with the same keen eyes.

At only 15 years old, Stipp is one of the youngest NFT artists and making millions. We’re sure most of his classmates are still learning what an NFT is.  (Thank goodness this glossary exists.)

Stipp and his father weren’t even sure that crypto could become actual money. Their skepticism slipped away quickly with a trip to the bank.

Music Artists and Smart Contracts

One of the most innovative things to come out of crypto technology is the creation of smart contracts.

Smart contracts are pieces of coded information that exist within a blockchain. Smart contracts verify transactions and ownership rights, and they can be used to unlock certain features if certain guidelines are met.

For example, some galleries that promote NFT artists create smart contracts to include a financial bonus once an artist sells an entire collection. In the world of music artists, an artist can sell an NFT along with a smart contract guaranteeing a one-on-one Zoom chat or partial ownership rights.

Kings of Leon released an album, When You See Yourself, as an NFT bundle. The bundle included an NFT copy of the album, a cover, and a vinyl record. Upon buying the bundle, each fan was entered into a lottery with a chance to win concert tickets.

Because NFTs are unique, this type of digital art is allowing artists to create one-of-a-kind experiences for fans. It’s also allowing fans to directly give to an artist instead of buying albums through a record label.

Online Creation and Innovation: NFT Artwork

If you’ve clicked anywhere on social media in the past month, you’ve seen talk about NFT artwork. Tons of artists, such as the ones mentioned above, are using crypto technology to boost their artistic careers.

NFTs provide unique experiences for fans and buyers while giving back to innovative artists all around the world. It’s thrilling to see how the art world is expanding each and every day.

Do you want to learn more about the world of NFTs? Check out the rest of the site because we cover all of the latest NFT news. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions!

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