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43 Best NFT Marketplaces You Can Trust

NFTs can bring you millions in a single day. But wait, it’s also true you might not even earn a single dollar. 

Considering this, many people like you want to try their luck. And for that, a trustable marketplace is what we need. 

So without any hesitation, pick any of these 16 marketplaces to trade an NFT item. 

Table of Contents

OpenSea – The #1 Choice for NFT Fans

Founded in 2017, OpenSea is one of the first and largest NFT Marketplaces in the world. No matter what kind of NFT you have, it can be sold on OpenSea.  

With over 4 million digital assets listed on OpenSea, you can create, buy, and sell the following types of NFTs:

  • Artwork
  • Music
  • Domain Names
  • Virtual World Items like Digital Land/Goods
  • Trading Cards
  • Collectibles like CryptoKitties
  • Sports NFTs
  • GIFs
  • Utility

Creating and selling your NFTs on OpenSea is as easy as it gets. All you need is a digital wallet. 

After integrating it with OpenSea, you can create your collections and add NFTs to them. With that, you can either sell them as a collection or individually. 

As far as the selling part goes, you can either auction your NFTs or have a fixed price. 

Once your NFT is sold, OpenSea takes 2.5% of the final price as a sales fee.

In fact, recently OpenSea has also launched a mobile app where you can collect, follow, and discover new NFTs.

As of now, you can’t list your NFTs from the mobile app, but there may be an option to do so in the future.

Additionally, OpenSea has an API that is used by popular wallets like Coinbase, Trust Wallet, Crypto Goods, etc. 

They also provide an option to list your NFTs directly on your own website using the OpenSea SDK.

Rarible – The Biggest Marketplace Community 

Rarible is one of the fastest growing NFT marketplaces. It was founded in 2020 and immediately established its dominance over the industry. 

Celebrities like Disclosure and French Montana have heavily featured their NFTs on Rarible that have made thousands of dollars!

Just like OpenSea, Rarible has an extensive amount of NFTs available to buy and collect. 

Other than simple artwork, we can also see NFT memes, games, and NSFW category items here. 

Users can also keep up with the latest trends on Rarible just by looking at: 

  • Featured Section
  • Top Bids
  • Top Collections
  • Live Auctions

Speaking of being up-to-date, Rarible has one of the most active communities on the public forum.

This community discusses the rules and governance. 

Not only this, members of the community also launch polls and vote on them for making any changes to the marketplace. 

As a benefit to the community, the Rarible Protocol gives $RARI as governance tokens. 

You can read more about it and the Rarible Protocol by clicking here

Mintable – Free & Easy Minting

Mintable is one of the most creator friendly marketplaces on the internet. Being a creator on Mintable, you can list your first 50 NFTs without any gas fee. 

This makes it extremely beginner-friendly and easy to kick-start your NFT journey. 

There are plenty of resources on the Mintable Academy that can help you with things like minting and marketing NFTs. 

You can buy or sell NFTs like art, videos, collectibles, etc. as with any other NFT marketplace. 

Apart from this, you can opt for NFT templates. 

These templates can be used for various purposes like making other NFTs or using them for commercial purposes. 

On a more original side, Mintable has launched the world’s first ever AR collection of NFTs by Jaylen Clark. 

One thing that really makes Mintable stand out is its pro plan. 

It gives you an opportunity to advertise features like social media blast, email marketing, and press release. 

You can even customize your selling experience using the custom store packages. 

Cargo – Unlimited NFTs in One Transaction

Cargo is a multi-chain marketplace that allows you to list batch NFTs. 

Being a multi-chain NFT Marketplace, Cargo lets you sell NFTs on multiple blockchains like Ethereum, xDai, and Polygon. 

What’s truly unique about Cargo is that it lets you create as many NFTs as you want in one transaction. 

Meaning, you can list unlimited no. of NFTs by paying the fees of one. 

In a world of high transaction and gas fees, this is one feature that can’t be ignored. 

Anyway, there’s a bunch of other things that Cargo does well: 

  • Showcases feature that creators use to show off their creativity
  • Secured content that can be unlocked by the owner after buying an NFT
  • Cargo JavaScript to create custom decentralized applications
  • Marketplace for unique artwork like glyphs, Kaija art, and other regular NFTs

You can start your Cargo experience with Fortmatic or any digital crypto wallet of your choice. 

Mintbase – Next Gen NFT Utility Engine for Minting

Mintbase gives you a chance to mint, sell, and develop your own smart contracts. 

With over 1571 minters and 35854 tokens developed, Mintbase is coming up as one of the best NFT marketplaces. 

Any store (smart contract) you create and put on sale on Mintbase directly appears on other marketplaces as your item. 

Creating a store allows you to mint your NFTs and add Metadata to them. 

On the smart contract, you can also specify things like:

  • Royalties
  • Revenue
  • Date
  • Media
  • Documentation
  • Location
  • Website
  • Custom Data

As far as the marketplace itself goes, Mintbase is pretty decent for selling your NFTs with a simple fixed price sale or an auction. 

Being a seller, you can choose forever royalties or split revenues.

There are also discussion forums and a discord server to interact with the community.

Zora – The Decentralized Auction Protocol

Zora is another marketplace that’s meant to empower creators. 

The main model of Zora is about getting the most benefit of your product/token with resale value. 

The devs of Zora give an example of Yeezys and how the original creators Kanye and Adidas don’t reap the true benefits of their creation. 

They get only $200 for a pair while the resellers make 2x, 3x, or even 10x on the same product.

Zora drop gives a solution for this and dictates the price of your products based on demand. 

As the demand and supply change, so does the price.

This concept of a different pay scale makes the Zora marketplace unique. Other than that, here’s what you can buy or sell on Zora:

  • Music NFTs
  • Videos
  • Images
  • GIFs
  • Texts
  • Documents

As a marketplace, Zora does enough things right. Still, it lacks a bit of UI and availability of various NFTs.

SuperRare – Invite-Only NFT Sellers

SuperRare has sold $90+ million worth of NFT art and made over $3 million in royalties to the owners. 

It’s also marching towards a completely community governed marketplace for an authentic decentralized experience. 

But guess what? This wasn’t the case back when SuperRare was founded in 2018. 

They have also introduced their own $RARE tokens that are governance tokens awarded to the community.

The SuperRare marketplace is home to some of the best creators and artwork in the form of images, videos, and 3D art. 

On the marketplace, you can search for NFTs by filtering artwork, artists, pricing, etc. 

The one big thing that sets SuperRare apart is that you can’t sell NFTs on SuperRare without invitation. 

If you’re an artist, this might not be a nice thing. As a buyer, you can be sure that the platform has proper professionals and there are no casual sellers. 

MakersPlace – Easy & Profitable Resales

Unlike other marketplaces, MakersPlace is concentrated on improving the seller experience. 

For instance, the website has different sections like Drops by Makersplace, which shares your NFTs to the visitors and a community of 20K enthusiasts. 

This makes it easy to get noticed and make a name for yourself. 

Beginners can also benefit from a lot of resources to learn and understand how NFTs and blockchain technology works. 

Makers place charge a hefty transaction fee of 15%. But this 15% transaction fee is balanced by the commission you get as a creator when someone resells your NFT creation.

As far as the NFT marketplace goes, buyers can search for different collections and creators to buy NFTs. 

There are also options to filter the listings based on their original mint and price range. Furthermore, the NFTs can be bought using credit cards as well. 

KnownOrigin – Explore 2 Different Marketplaces in 1

The KnownOrigin NFT Marketplace is another reserved creator platform. 

To sell your NFT on the marketplace, you need to submit an application to join the community of creators. 

Being a reserved platform, the marketplace has a great curated list of NFT artists that have made KnownOrigin famous. 

Sabet, one of the most popular artists on KnownOrigin has made over 265.52 ethereum with 311 NFT sales. 

Much like him and many other artists, you can get into the community by showing off your art to sell your NFTs. 

From the buyers’ perspective, this is a win-win situation as they can explore a marketplace filled with interesting pieces. 

But wait, do you want to know the most interesting part about KnownOrigin? 

Well, buyers can explore NFTs on not 1 but 2 marketplaces: Primary and Secondary.

The Primary marketplace has new and unique artworks. 

The secondary marketplace has re-listed NFTs at a slightly cheaper rate, which may have not been bought the first time. 

The NFT marketplace website also features an activity slab that shows the recent happenings on the platform. 

You can also check out the KnownOrigin journal to explore some of the best artworks and stories about their NFTs. 

Nifty Gateway – Limited-Time Drops by Popular Artists

Nifty Gateway is a famous NFT Marketplace that has sold NFTs by artists like Beeple, Grimes, LOGIC, and many more.

It’s a USA-based centralized platform that can be used to buy or sell nifties (NFTs).

The platform is well-known because of its limited-time exclusive drops that can only be bought between a certain time duration. 

Whenever a collection is dropped, buyers can only buy NFTs from that collection during the drop duration. 

As a creator, you can submit an application to be featured on a drop which occurs once every 3 weeks. 

Creators also get to choose the amount of cut they get for each resale from 5% to 50%. 

Whenever you apply to become a seller, you will have to answer a series of questions about yourself and your art portfolio. 

Overall, the entire structure of the marketplace doubles down on the exclusivity factor. 

This means, if you’re selected to feature on the Nifty drops, you’re bound to earn big! 

If not, find a different marketplace. 

Foundation – Simple, Easy & Fast

Foundation is one of the simplest and easiest NFT platforms to work with. You can buy or sell NFTs easily with a web3 wallet like MetaMask.

The NFT art marketplace website is extremely easy to navigate with all the listings curated on the homepage itself. 

There are no fancy bells and whistles or any other features that don’t have anything to do with NFT trading. 

The NFT marketplace list only includes 3D artwork, videos, and images from different creators.

As a creator, you can be one of the thousands of artists that have made an accumulative 33,806 ETH, which is well above $100 million. 

Foundation’s user-friendly UI helps creators list their NFTs in a few clicks based on a reserve price or an auction format. 

Lastly, Foundation has also worked towards promoting charitable institutes and good causes using their NFT platform. 

Async – Create, Collect & Trade Programmable Art

Async Art is a unique NFT platform that started a new art movement with programmable art. 

Programmable art changes and evolves over time by reacting to its owner. In that, the artwork is split into different layers which can be used to modify the image. 

The layer tokens add instructions that modify the image’s state, positional movement, or color. 

So whenever an artist mints programmable art, they don’t deploy a single piece. 

Instead, they deploy this set of instructions that dictate the possibilities of the finished product.

The layers vary differently and creators can deploy multiple layers. But, there is only one master layer that creates the base for the NFT. 

Programmable Art on Async can be created on the Async Canvas that has several templates for you to work with.

If you’d like to dive a little deeper, here’s what the devs have to say

If you’re a buyer that wants to experience something unique and unusual, Async Art is worth trying out!

Enjin – The All-In-One NFT Solution

The Enjin Marketplace is a part of the world-class Enjin NFT ecosystem.

It includes the following products:

  • Efinity blockchain
  • Enjin Wallet
  • dApps builder to build blockchain-based games, apps, and websites
  • Jumpnet Transactions
  • Beam Distributor

The Enjin marketplace is a widely used platform with over 1.1B blockchain assets and a marketplace volume of over $44 million.

NFTs like collectibles and artwork on the EnjinX NFT marketplace are bought and sold using the Enjin coin. 

It’s a trusted platform and you can rest assured about the usage and security while trading your NFTs. 

The main reason why it could be an ideal marketplace for you is the integration with the wallet, blockchain, and other products. 

Overall, it is much easier to explore different aspects of NFTs within one platform with Enjin. 

NFT Showroom – The Proof of Art System

NFT Showroom is a marketplace based on the Hive blockchain. 

Unlike the proof of work system that Bitcoin or Ethereum blockchains follow, the Hive blockchain follows the proof of art system. 

What this does is, it allows the creators to sell their NFTs without paying any gas fees. 

To be able to use the proof of art system and sell NFTs on NFT Showroom, you need to apply as an artist. 

The application includes information about you and your artwork along with socials for verification. 

Once you get accepted, you can sell your artwork or photos as NFTs on the marketplace. 

Collectors also need to create a HIVE account to buy NFTs using the HIVE tokens. 

There are still a lot of discussions about the Proof of Art system which may be confusing for a lot of beginners. 

So, you can check out the Discord server and community pages to understand what the real-world implications of that system are. 

The Help channel on the official discord server is a good start!

Ethernity – Authentic Trading Cards & $ERN Staking

Ethernity is an NFT marketplace famous for the authenticated NFTs and NFT trading cards. 

The marketplace is a part of the Ethernity chain which allows the users to buy, farm, and stake $ERN Tokens. 

ERN tokens allow you to buy various collectibles and artwork on the Ethernity marketplace. 

Additionally, whenever a transaction is made, 75% of the profits earned by Ethernity are locked in to refuel ERN staking.

A portion of the sales is also diverted for charity purposes. 

To be an artist and seller on Ethernity, you need to apply to become one. 

On the other hand, buyers can simply sign up to the platform and buy authenticated NFTs by big-name celebrities like Maluma and Lionel Messi.

Being a user, you can farm different stones using ERN to redeem exclusive NFTs. 

Some of the top farmers have farmed trillions of stones to get those exclusive NFTs.

SuperFarm – NFT Creation, Trading & Farming

SuperFarm is a newly made marketplace. Currently, the platform only has the NFT launchpad and NFT Farming feature. 

SuperFarm has announced plans to launch a marketplace for NFTs, tools to create them, and trade NFTs with other creators. 

The NFT launchpad is a drops feature that creators can use to launch their limited edition NFT collections as a showcase. 

Whereas, the NFT farming feature allows users to stake coins to farm unique NFTs. 

SuperFarm also has a few apps for the community. As of now, only one of those apps is live; A crowdfunding platform called SuperStarter.

Here’s the list of other apps that SuperFarm hopes to launch soon:

This platform is the last one on this list because it hasn’t been made public in its entirety. 

There is a decent amount of hype surrounding it. Here’s a roadmap that SuperFarm is hoping to work on

Portion.io – 21st Century Auction House for NFT

Portion.io is something innovative and experimental for art, music, and collectibles. One thing that makes this platform stand out is the fact that it doesn’t charge artists anything.

And on the other hand, it gives up to 11% royalties.

So far the platform has received seed funding of around $3.6 million. Not only this, famous rapper Wiz Khalifa and Antoni Tudisco published a collaborative NFT on this platform.

In the upcoming days, we might see some drops coming on Portion.io. Make sure you sign up here before it ends.

Larva Labs – Create characters with a Punk look

Larva Labs is a fast-growing NFT marketplace based in New York City. Begun by John and Matt, Larva lab is home to creative technologists and experimental projects. 

Larva Lab created Cryptopunk, the oldest low-fi digital art piece. In brief, cryptopunk are 8-bit, 24×24 pixel humanoid creations with unique algorithmically rendered features. 

Other NFTs offered by Larva Lab include: 

  • Alien characters
  • Zombies 
  • Apes 

Similarly, the Larva Labs portal has a color-coding mechanism that highlights the status of each of the NFTs.  NFTs with red background symbolize active bids, while those with blue background denote claimed NFTs.

NBA Top Shot – Incredible NBA Video Highlights

NBA Top Shot is an easy-to-use crypto-powered marketplace for accredited NBA and WNBA NFTs. Actually, NBA Top Shot is the leading online destination for the most incredible video highlights of top basketball players. 

You can browse NBA Top Shot to open and view the most amazing digital packs of NFT moments extracted from the season’s most thrilling play. This NFT marketplace has four main types of moments and packs: 

  1. Legendary 
  2. Common 
  3. Rare 
  4. Fandom 

Sorare – Fantasy Football

Sorare is an online marketplace that lets you collect NFT blockchain tokenized fantasy football game cards. 

Meanwhile, the cards are available for purchase, selling, and trading. Founded by Nicolas Julia in 2018, Sorare NFT marketplace has over 215 football clubs.

Specifically, Sorare provides a safe avenue for NFT lovers to buy and sell NFT football collectibles and withdraw fiat currency to their bank accounts. 

Sorare platform has interactive graphics, a built-in payment gateway, reward points, live insights, and data-driven infrastructure.

The Sandbox – Purchase Assets & Land

The Sandbox is the ultimate online destination for people to mint and buy NFTs with $Sand. The platform lets you buy tokens like GEMs, assets, and land.

It’s true to say that The Sandbox is one the most advanced NFT markets that allows players to build, own, and monetize virtual assets. It’s the place to find quality and valuable virtual items from leading artists, influencers, and brands, including Deadmau5, Snoop Dogg, and Atari. 

The following are the most common virtual assets you can buy on the Sandbox:

  • Art 
  • Entities 
  • Wearables 
  • Equipment 

ThetaDrop – Auction esports, Gaming, and Entertainment NFTs

The ThetaDrop NFT is an NFT marketplace powered by the Theta blockchain. Launched in 2021, ThetaDrop is a green and fast blockchain platform built for entertainment and media.

The platform integrates NFT drops and live streaming to optimize creator-fan engagement with cable broadcast and live television. It is also among the first real-time NFT marketplaces where poker lovers can find the best poker tour digital collectibles. 

Valuables – Buy, Bid, and Sell Tweets

Valuables is one of the best blockchain-powered NFT marketplaces for Twitter users to buy, bid, and sell tweets. 

Founded in 2020, Valuables enable Twitter users to authorize their Twitter accounts. Simply put, the platform allows Twitter users to mint their tweets and create non-fungible tokens.

The platform features real-time details of top weekly or monthly sellers, bidders, and collectors. In addition, it has an activity section to show the latest minted and sold items along with the greatest of all-time sales.

Venly- Sell Virtual Game Items

Venly is a famous NFT marketplace known for its unique virtual game items and virtual gaming worlds. The platform offers a broad spectrum of game creators, studios, collectors, and gamers.

Primarily, Venly offers three main products: 

  • Webshop plugins management system, complete assets, and NFT tools for minting
  • Wallets
  • APIs and market that includes a peer-to-peer NFT marketplace and APIs projects.

Zeptagram – Market for Music IP-Rights

Zeptagram is the digital NFT marketplace known for its commitment to rewarding music lovers and artists for their commitment to music and creativity. 

This NFT marketplace enables music IP-rights owners to tokenize their assets. Zeptagram went live in 2021 and runs on the Telos Blockchain. For transactions, this marketplace utilizes its unique native token, Zeptacoin. 

In an ideal world, Zeptagram would be the artist’s best destination to generate revenue and set up crowdfunding campaigns to earn more from their music rights.

The platform also allows music investors and enthusiasts to earn revenue when their music rights are broadcast on radio, streamed online, or played on television.

Ghostmarket – Discover, Sell, Buy, and Create Collectibles

Although it has been around for only two years, Ghostmarket is the most robust cross-chain NFT marketplace. 

It supports NEO and Phantasma. 

Phantasma is a renowned custom-built ecosystem and blockchain that offers a one-stop market for decentralized applications, NFTs, and gaming.

As for NEO, it’s an open-source blockchain, smart contract, and dApp platform. This NFT marketplace is the brainchild of Ghostdevs, a renowned open-source developers community. 

The platform has made it possible for digital artwork and contributors to create, publish, sell, and distribute their digital assets.

Veefriends – Characters Are a Source of Happiness

VeeFriends is an NFT marketplace owned and run by Gary Vaynerchuk. Veefriends is the ultimate best destination for meaningful intellectual property. 

The platform has over 5252 unique creators who have collectively minted over 10255 NFTs. 

VeeFriends offers a variety of NFT assets, including access tokens, admission tokens, and gift tokens. 

The VeeFriends NFTs run on the Ethereum blockchain and are readily available for sale on the platform.

Blockparty – NFT collectibles & Art Platform

Blockparty is a multi-chain NFT marketplace powered by blockchain technology that supports P2P trading and minting of NFTs.

The platform enables users to easily mint, withdraw, and deposit using Flow and Ethereum. This NFT marketplace went live in 2007, making it one of the oldest NFT marketplaces. It began by selling NFTs as tickets for music events. 

Currently, it’s a premium NFT collectibles and art platform that combines easy wallet setup, customizable storefronts, and credit card payment onramps to enable creators to make the most of their digital assets.

MLB Champions – Play & Buy MLB Champion Figures

MLB Champions serve as an NFT marketplace and crypto game. It was initially launched in 2018 to make the most of the NFT space and sports.

The platform offers a safe avenue for members to play the MLB crypto game, sell, buy, and trade NFTs. 

MLB Champions was the first-ever NFT market to partner with a renowned sports franchise to deliver real-time connections between players and crypto-figure counterparts. 

The MLB Champions platforms offer real-time data on the latest bids, remaining auction time, NFTs, etc.

World of Ether Marketplace – Buy, Sell, and Sire Monsters

World of Ether is a duelling game and digital NFT marketplace powered by the Ethereum blockchain. 

The company was launched in 2017 and it’s registered under World of Ether LLC. Interestingly, this marketplace deals with monsters. 

Players can collect and breed the monsters and fight with other players. In addition to this, players can sire, buy, and sell the monsters to other players. 

Breeding the monsters can lead to the creation of new monster species. The new monster species will end up in the monsters list while the artwork gets stored in the World of Ether servers.

Rocki NFT Marketplace – Stream Music

ROCKI NFT marketplace is a music streaming and NFT marketplace based on the Binance Smart Chain. 

The marketplace rewards artists for their creative works and listeners commitment to music.

Artists will earn a streaming revenue while listeners will be paid ROCKIS tokens for listening to the curated or sponsored music. 

Music listeners must subscribe to the hybrid subscription model, which requires adding fiat currency or cryptocurrency to your Rocki NFT account.

Ethernity Marketplace – Trade Cards

Ethernity is a quickly growing NFT marketplace that allows members to trade newly created trading cards and limited edition NFTs.  

ERN Token powers this marketplace. The Ethernity marketplace is ideal for musicians, entrepreneurs, and athletes that want to trade ‘’Icons” authenticated NFTs. 

Ethernity holders can farm A-NFTs and sell their favorite NFTs to earn profits. The marketplace intends to partner with famous people in society to create and monetize NFTs.

Alcor Exchange – Sell and Market Artwork

Alcor Exchange is a decentralized exchange marketplace for artists to sell and market their artworks. 

On this platform, members have access to zero-fee NFT trading and token creations. This NFT marketplace runs on the EOSIO blockchain technology and integrates blockchains such as WAX, Proton, BOS, EOS, and TELOS. 

On this NFT marketplace, you can virtually trade  all types of EOS.IO tokens for system EOS tokens. For now, Alcor Exchange supports multiple wallets such as:

  • Lynx
  • Anchor 
  • Wombat 

The Musician Marketplace – Sell and Teach Music

Ramy Adly, a famous Egyptian/American musician, launched the Musician Marketplace in 2018. This NFT portal runs on the Ethereum blockchain, based on the ERC-721 protocol.

The Musician Marketplace has grown so popular today, boasting 100s of clients and dozens of brands, including The John F. Kennedy Center, The U.S. Department of State, and Netflix.

This online NFT portal deals with music and targets composers, musicians, music teachers, producers, and singers. 

On this platform, you can sell your musical compositions and teach music to clients in over 70 countries. Ideally, the portal lets musicians list their live performances, songwriting services, vocal performances, and tutoring sessions.

DMarket NFT Marketplace – Trade Technology for Building Metaverses

DMarket NFT is a Ukraine-based NFT marketplace that deals with eSports and in-game collectibles such as armors, skins, and weapons. 

This marketplace has multiple multiplayer RPGs and games, including Maincast, CS: GO, DOTA 2, Team Fortress, etc. 

The secure transactions conducted on this in-game item trading portal get recorded on the DMarket blockchain. 

The marketplace has been in operation since 2017 and has enabled over 40 million transactions. The platform’s theme appeals to esports enthusiasts and gamers.

AirNFTs Marketplace – built on BSc and Polygon

AirNFTs is a secure and Binance Smart Chain-supported NFT marketplace that supports multiple cross-chain transactions. 

Artists registered on this NFT portal can easily create and publish their digital artworks to generate revenues. Additionally, artists can make more income from secondary sales and royalties.

Ideally, AirNFTs stands out as the most holistic NFT market featuring a variety of collectibles and artworks. Here the types of collectibles and artworks you might find on this marketplace: 

  • Video and music NFTs
  • Gaming NFTs
  • Sports NFTs
  • Art NFTs
  • Photography NFTs 

Mythical Marketplace

The mythical marketplace is the home to hardcore Blankos sellers and buyers. Founded by Rudy Koch and John Linden, Mythical NFT has partnered with Deadmau5 and Burberry. 

This online portal provides a platform for people to sell and develop mythical games. On this NFT marketplace, gamers get to sell their in-game items to earn real money through blockchain technology. 

Additionally, Mythical gamer lovers can exchange their digital weapons, game keys, and rare cosmetic gear with real money.

Bakeryswap NFT – Merges Crypto with Food themed projects

BakerySwap is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange and leading NFT marketplace. This artwork-centric portal runs on the Binance Smart Chain.

As a leading marketplace for game assets, artworks, and collectibles, BakerySwap combines food-themed projects with crypto projects.

The marketplace runs on BakerySwap’s native token Bake and allows seamless minting of NFT combos. The marketplace also has four different basic tiers such as: 

  • Luxury (50,000 to 100,000 Bakes)
  • Supreme (over 100,000 Bake)
  • Basic (10,000 to 20,000 Bake)
  • Regular (20,000 to 50,000 Bake)

Unique One Photo Marketplace – Digital Photography

Owned and run by Digital Arts Community, Unique One Photo marketplace is the perfect place for photography experts to create and sell their work.

The photographers create and sell their artworks without paying hefty commissions and ledger fees. 

The platform makes it easier for photographers to get better exposure and sell their artworks for real money.

Quantum Art – Best for Photographers

Quantum Art is an NFT marketplace dedicated exclusively to the photography industry. The platform works with famous photographers who drop weekly collections, making their work easily accessible for collectors and other individuals. 

To be a part of this special NFT marketplace, a photographer must first register and be accepted by the Quantum community. The approval procedure is divided into four steps:

1. Submission of photos by artists

2. Selection is done 

3. Quantum community cast their vote

4. The photographer who wins is allowed to mint

Immutable X – Reduced gas fees, Very Secure

Immutable X, also known as IMX, is an Ethereum-based NFT marketplace. Since it was established in 2018, several artists and art collectors have gathered here to trade NFT arts. 

Other users on this marketplace are gamers who market their NFT games and in-game assets. 

Its main advantages are minimal transaction costs, high scalability, and a guarantee of instant trade confirmation. 

Additionally, it’s a layer-2 platform which makes it highly secure.  

Ephimera – Sell Photography, videography, lens-based work

Launched in November 2020, Ephimera is an NFT marketplace catering to photographers, videographers, collectors, and galleries. Its primary focus is exchanging tokenized photography, video, and media art.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, it allows artists to publish their work as unique, non-fungible assets, and put them on sale. 

This marketplace also aims to establish a thriving community where photographers and other artists can interact and discuss modern art and blockchain technology.


Just like Ephimera and Quantum Art, Obscura is another NFT marketplace for photographers. Despite being small, the platform managed to have its own unique personality with only a few hundred NFTs displayed each year.

This is because the marketplace operates almost like Quantum Art, where the team chooses the photographers and images to be sold on the platform.

Dramatic photographs of damaged Kabul, Afghanistan, breathtaking photos from the Salar de Uyuni, and Colombian Coca fields are among the artwork that you can see here. 


Founded by Ev Tchebotarev and Arseniy Ivanov, Sloika is a curated marketplace focused on things that revolve around photography. 

The platform’s outstanding features include low gas fees a fixed price for every artwork, plus you earn money every time your artwork is sold to another collector.

Sloika is based on principles of giving back. A chunk of proceeds from commissions financially help young artists and female creators succeed in the NFT space.

Magic Eden – 0% Listing Fees.

Launched in September 2021, Magic Eden is a leading NFT marketplace that allows users to list NFTS at 0% and a transaction fee of 2%

Magic Eden accepts all types of NFTs, including gifs, mp4s, and static images of all sizes. 

Here are some points to consider when listing your NFTs on Magic Eden:

• The marketplace accepts applications for NFTs that have already been minted and those that will be minted soon

• All applications are usually responded within four days of submission, either with rejection or acceptance

• You’ll receive notifications through email whether your application has been accepted or refused

Where to Go from Here?

For those who are getting started and have no money to invest, Mintable is a good choice because it doesn’t require gas fee.

In case you’re opting for premium option, Opensea should be the go-to option due to its popularity, effectiveness, and versatility.

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