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Decentraland Alternatives You Should Know About

Even a bunch of games on a single platform can bore us. And somewhere along the lines, you pretty much seemed to have the same issues with Decentraland. 

No worries, go through these 6 alternatives and explore the modern world of virtual reality. 

1. Axie Infinity – The Pet-Verse with Fantasy Creatures

Axie Infinity is a blockchain-based digital pet-verse. You can buy, sell, raise, and battle fantasy creatures called Axies in an entertaining virtual world. 

Is Axie Infinity a good decentraland alternatives?

The trade for game assets is powered by Axie’s in-house digital currency called the Axie Infinity Shards.

Axie Infinity Shards (AXS) – The Currency of Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Shards are ERC 20 tokens to buy and sell Axie game assets. 

$AXS can be staked or earned by various methods apart from trading things on the marketplace. 

For instance, you can play the games in the Axie Universe via UGC initiatives or participate in governance votes to earn $AXS.

Let’s take a look at different assets you can buy using $AXS on the marketplace. 

Axies – Fantasy Pet Beasts 

Axies are fantasy creatures that you can trade or raise. You can pair 3 Axies to fight in battles against other players. 

Out of 3, you can have either 2 attackers and 1 defender or the other way around. 

Decentraland alternatives

Axies have 1 out 9 different classes:

  • Plant
  • Beast
  • Bug
  • Mech
  • Dusk
  • Bird
  • Aquatic
  • Reptile
  • Dawn

The classes work similarly to Pokemon types where one class will have an advantage over another and vice versa.

You can buy or sell adult Axies or eggs of Axies on the marketplace.

The Axies can also be differentiated with Pureness and Breed count to either increase or decrease their value. 

Land in Axie Infinity 

The land is another asset you can trade with Axie Infinity. 

The Axie homeland is called Lunacia which is divided into several plots of land that you can use to manage your Axies. 

Land in Axie Infinity is an alternative to Decentraland virtual land

These tokenized land parts can be combined or upgraded with a variety of resources and ingredients found inside the game. 

Lunacia is divided into 7 types of land:

  • Savannah
  • Forest
  • Arctic
  • Mystic
  • Genesis
  • Lunas Landing
  • Water

Currently, only 5 types of land are tradable apart from Water areas and Lunas Landing area. 

Trading land is one of the primary ways to earn money in Axie Infinity. You can buy a piece of land for cheap and hold it until you get a decent profit on it. 

By the way, land can also be bought in bundles to get a larger area.

In-Game Items – Spice Up Your Land

These items are specific to the types of land and have different levels of rarity:

In-game items
  • Common
  • Rare
  • Epic
  • Mystic

Some of the most found items on the Axie marketplace include Shrubs, Stone lamps, and other regular items used to personalize your land. 

Just like land, items can also be bought in bundles to get a nice matching set to decorate your land. 

Earning Money on Axie Infinity

There are plenty of ways to earn money on Axie Infinity: 

  • Selling land and items on a profit when the demand increases
  • Breeding Axies and speculating on rare Axies to find profits
  • Battling in PvP fights for leaderboard prizes
  • Governance rewards 

Axie Infinity is a great alternative if you want to enjoy and earn with fantasy pets and items. 

If you’re invested in reading more about Axie Infinity, head over to this section – https://whitepaper.axieinfinity.com/

2. CryptoKitties – Collect & Breed Furrever Friends

CryptoKitties is a popular blockchain-based game about breeding, collecting, and trading unique Cryptokitties.

Cryptokitties Decentraland Alternatives

The CryptoKitties are completely user-owned NFTs that can’t be replicated or destroyed. 

The Kitties are distinguished by colors, shapes, and traits. 

To unlock a rare cattribute, you can breed a male (sire) and a female (Dame) kitty for the new one. 

Breeding CryptoKitties – Adding More to the Clowder

Breeding CryptoKitties is the name of the game here. 

You can start off by adopting 2 kitties from the marketplace and breed them to get an offspring. 

Breeding Cryptokitties

If the Sire and Dame are from the same generation, you get the offspring of the next generation. 

Otherwise, whatever generation is the latest among the parents, the offspring will have the next. 

So, if the Sire is a gen 3 Kitty and the Dame is a gen 4 Kitty, the offspring will be a gen 5 kitty. 

The offspring will also have unique traits and a combination of traits from its parents. 

Using a Public Sire

In case you don’t have your own male sire, you can seek help from Public Sires. 

These types of Sires are owned by some of the community members who can let their male kitty breed with yours. 

Trading CryptoKitties – Kitties for Adoption

If you don’t want to breed CryptoKitties, you can also buy them from the marketplace. 

Trading Cryptokitties in virtual world

There are 3 parameters to choose your kitty:

  1. Rarity

The value of the kitty is largely affected by the rarity it has. For instance, there are Normal cryptokitties and exclusive kitties. 

The higher the rarity, the more value it has. 

  1. Generation

You can buy Kitties of different generations on the marketplace. 

Generally, it doesn’t have much of an effect but you can expect to have more varied traits in the latest-gen kitties. 

  1. Cooldown

The cooldown tells how much time a kitty would have to wait after breeding to do it again.

The cooldown can be anywhere between Fast (1 minute) to Catatonic (1 week). 

You can also search the marketplace for public Sires to find a mate for your Dame.  

KittyVerse – The Public Playground for Kitties & Owners

Back in the early days of CryptoKitties, you could only breed, trade, and collect them. 

With community creators and developers, you can now compete in leaderboards and participate in catfights. 

The community creates games and activities which your kitties can participate in for rewards. 

Kittyverse Decentraland Alternatives

Creators can use the existing code and other open-source resources to create projects with the help of the CryptoKitties Developurr Program.

BONUS: Did you know? There is a Chinese knock-off version of CryptoKitties which has almost identical mechanics and puppies instead of kitties. 

Although Leci Gou seems to have disappeared from our search results, it’s popular in China. However, I’d advise you to stick to CryptoKitties instead. 

3. CryptoCelebrities – Game, Investment & Charity All in One

CryptoCelebrities is a hybrid of investment resources, games, and charity. 

Cryptocelebrities Decentraland alternative

The concept is simple and straightforward: Buy and sell Celebrity smart contracts. 

CryptoCelebrities allows only one smart contract for one celebrity. If you manage to get a hold of it, you’re the only one in the world who owns it. 

How Does it Work?

Whenever you buy a smart contract, you become its sole owner. 

But yes, anyone can snatch it away from you by paying you up to two times the original cost. 

So, if someone decides that they want to get your smart contract, they can just pay more than you did and may get it without your permission. 

How does Cryptocelebrities work?

After the transaction, 97% of the amount they pay is sent to your digital wallet. 

But, what about the remaining 3% of the amount? Well… 

Charity Donations

The remaining 3% of the amount is sent to a charity selected by the celebrity who makes the smart contract. 

With each transaction on the smart contract, 3% of it is sent to the charity organization chosen by the celebrity. 

Price Increase Values After Transactions

I know it must be getting a little confusing about the costs to buy contracts. Let me make it a little simpler. 

If you buy a contract for 0.02 ETH, another player can take it away for 0.04 ETH. The contract doubles the same way until it reaches the price of 0.05 ETH.

After that, the price increase percentage is decreased gradually. Here are the price increase values you get:

  • From 0 ETH to 0.05 ETH – The price increase is 2x
  • From 0.05 ETH to 0.5 ETH – The price increase is 1.2x
  • Upwards of 0.5 ETH – The Price increase is 1.15x

Do you Get to Choose to Sell your Celebrity Contract?

No, you can’t choose when to sell your celebrity contract. 

Anyone who wants to have it and has the means to do so can buy your celebrity contract by paying you the increased price in return. 

As compared to Decentraland, CryptoCelebrities is more like an investment source than a game or digital world. 

If you’re only interested in making money, this is a great platform to check out.

4. Somnium Space VR – The Sci-Fi World for the Future

Have you ever thought of a virtual world where you can live?

Somnium Space VR is one of the first ever Virtual worlds where you can realize fiction or at least get closer to it than ever before!

You can consider Somnium Space as a virtual world video game where you can buy and own land. More importantly, socialize with others like you. 

There is also an in-game currency called Somnium Cubes. It’s safe and decentralized just like cryptocurrency. 

What’s the Purpose of Somnium Space?

Somnium Space is supposed to be a virtual world built entirely by the users. 

What's the purpose of Somnium Space?

Players like you can buy land and build anything you wish to create including marketplaces, games, cinemas, etc. 

The interconnected and seamless world can be a place to socialize and explore, simply using your desktop PC or mobile in VR mode. 

Let’s look at the two main components which can make all of this happen:

  1. Land in Somnium Space VR

Currently, the primary driving force for Somnium Space’s economy is Land. 

Players can buy land in three types of size and height:

  1. Small Parcel: 10 meters height
  2. Medium Parcel: 25 meters height
  3. Large Parcel: 50 meters height

You can also combine these parcels to form bigger spaces if they are connected.

  1. Builder to Develop Creations

The Builder allows the creation and development of things on the land. 

Is Somnium Space a Good Alternative to Decentraland?

You can build things from scratch using 500+ digital assets to enhance your creation. 

If you want, you can even import and modify your own 3D model to use it on your land or sell it on the Somnium store. 

Some Other Mechanics You Should Know

There’s a lot to this virtual world other than land.

  • The Somnium Space is a cross-platform world available on all major VR headsets
  • Assets and digital goods like avatars, items, and land are all on the blockchain for true ownership
  • The world is scriptable and programmable 
  • Monetize assets and virtual presence in any way imaginable and experience features like advertisements, analysis, and user engagement

Somnium Space is most similar to Decentraland on this list and a great alternative if you want to live in a virtual world. 

5. CryptoFighters – The NFT Battlerealm

CryptoFighters is another Ethereum blockchain-based game. You can collect unique fighters to level up and battle against other players to win more fighters. 

Cryptofighters Decentraland Alternatives

What are CryptoFighters?

CryptoFighters are digital characters. You can take up to 5 of your CryptoFighters in a battle against 5 other fighters from the same owner. 

What are Cryptofighters?

The winner of the battle gets new fighters and improved stats. 

Instead of actual fights, the win is determined by a fighter’s ranks, levels, and attributes. 

The attributes can be related to strength, vitality, dexterity, and luck. 

More than anything, the fighter’s appearance and equipment are affected by its genes which are randomly assigned on birth. 

These genes have specific traits with defined dominance levels. The trait with high dominance will affect the fighter more intensely. 

How to Make Money with CryptoFighters?

The most popular way to earn money on CryptoFighters was to battle other players and get new fighters. 

The fighters can be sold on the marketplace to earn money. 

How to make money with cryptofighters?

However, the battles are currently disabled to avoid market inflation. 

Once the battles are resumed, you can earn and upsell your fighters on the marketplace as collectibles. 

Although CryptoFighters is a great alternative to Decentraland, you’ll have to be patient and hope for the resumption of these battles. 

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