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How to Buy an NFT with Your Credit Card

For buyers who don’t know much about crypto currency, buying an NFT artwork can be challenging.

We’ve put together a series of steps to make buying an NFT as easy as ordering pizza!

Buying Ethereum on Crypto Wallet from a Credit Card

First, you need a crypto wallet to buy Ethereum for NFT purchases.

MetaMask is working well for NFT platforms. More importantly, it accepts any internationally recognized credit card.

To know how it works, go through these steps:

Step 1: Go to the MetaMask Website to Download the Extension

Visit https://metamask.io/ and click on the download button.

Buy NFT with credit card using MetaMask

After clicking the Download now button, choose your device or browser between Chrome, IOS, and Android.

Buy NFT using MetaMask

Once you select your device/browser, click on the Install MetaMask for Browser button.

Step 2: Install the Extension

Click on Add to Chrome and wait for a pop up to show.

MetaMask extension installation
Add MetaMask extension

Click on the Add Extension button to begin the download.

Step 3: Create your MetaMask Wallet

After downloading and installing the wallet, you will be redirected to MetaTasks’s login page.

Click on First Steps to begin the process.

MetaMask login

Being a starter, you need to click on Create a Wallet.

How to create a MetaMask wallet

Alternatively, you can also import a pre-existing wallet using your security key.

To begin the process of setting up your account, choose a strong password.

create MetaMask wallet to buy NFT with credit card

Once you enter the password and confirm it, you will be provided a secret backup key.

MetaMask secret backup key

The next step is crucial! In case you forget your password, your account can be restored with this key.

Once you save it, continue on the next page by entering the words in the exact same sequence for confirmation.

Step 4: Buying Ethereum for Your Wallet

To only have the amount you need, you can buy ethereum while checking out your NFT purchase. 

You can also follow this step to have some Ethereum on your end beforehand.

At the homepage of your Wallet, click on Buy to get started.

Buying crypto via MetaMask

A window will pop up, giving you an option to choose between buying Ethereum from Wyre or deposit Ethereum if you have it in any other place.

Let’s look at the first option:

Buy ETH with Wyre

After that, you’ll be directed to the Wyre widget where you can buy up to $1,000 USD worth of Ethereum.

You choose how much currency you want to purchase. The widget will show you the exact amount of Ethereum you will receive.

Enter your ETH address if it isn’t visible and choose Card Payments.

Paying for Crypto with Credit Card

Click on the Next button to go on and fill in your Credit Card details.

Enter Payment Information in MetaMask

Click Submit.  Then you’ll will have to verify your purchase like any other online transaction.

Buying an NFT on any Marketplace

For this tutorial, we will be visiting the Opensea marketplace to buy an NFT.

The process should be similar for any other marketplace.

Step 1: Go to the Marketplace & Connect your Wallet

Click on the top right corner icon on the homepage to visit your profile.

Go to the Marketplace to buy NFT

Just click on Sign In if you have followed the first part or click on Use a Different Wallet if you already have a wallet.

Sign in to your wallet for MetaMask

Once a window of your MetaMask extension opens up, add your account and associate it with the marketplace.

Connect MetaMask to NFT platform to buy it with Credit Card
Connecting MetaMask to NFT platform

Step 2: Explore the Marketplace to find an NFT.

The Opensea marketplace has a variety of NFT types, including Art, Music, Collectibles, etc.

Exploring NFT Marketplace

Choose one of the categories to see unique NFTs and select one you like the most.

Once you find it, click on the image to visit the listing page.

Buying NFT with credit card using Opensea

There, you will find all the relevant information like the previous trading history of the NFT, artist information, etc.

Step 3: Buy the NFT

If you have made up your mind to buy the selected NFT, click on Buy Now.

Click on Buy Now to Buy NFT with credit card

This will open a small window on the same page where you can directly checkout. If you don’t have enough Ethereum on your wallet, you’ll have to add funds to your wallet.

Now, click on Buy with Card.

This will take you to the checkout where you need to add the Ethereum address for your wallet.

Click on Continue and fill up your card as usual.

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